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“My paintings are about expressing a visual experience that challenges and communicates with a sense of mystery.  Mystery is a human trait and curious characteristic where not everything is easily explainable.


As a painter of fine art, I am in a constant state of challenging myself in technique, subject and mediums. By allowing myself to not be afraid to grow, I can take that necessary risk and journey of self discovery. I cannot label myself as particular type of painter.  I swing from total abstraction to gestural figurative and at times tightly rendered realism.   Sometimes I have a direct idea in mind and go after it and then other times I begin a painting with a journey into the unknown, where getting lost becomes the answer to which direction to take.  I find the moment I’m lost is when I really discover the enjoyment of painting and who I am.  I start by making gestures with colors and shapes, adding and subtracting abbreviated images and embracing the unpremeditated. At times I use automatism, that is, drawing or painting in the subconscious with no preconceived composition in mind.  I use my innate passion for abstraction with fragmented strokes and color resulting in a glimpse of what might be. My early education in art school and with realist painters has given me the creative ability to weave in partial realism when I feel it works with a particular piece.


In my most recent work I am revisiting a series I started 10 years ago.  A timeless odyssey of perpetual rock created by some unknown cosmic event as it travels through time and space resulting in unexpected fictional consequences and symbols of communication.  I sense an element of tension in each piece whether it be defying gravity or pressure between weight and space. Yet there is almost a meditative quality as one allows themselves to enter into the profound silence.  I have used a combination of  mixed media to create these paintings including applying sand on some of the rocks giving them a life like dimensional quality. In some instances I have placed a cryptic shape, symbol or monolith resulting in a shocking paradox of the ancient and the futuristic.


I also like to explore my fascination with myth and legend in the human form.  Depictions of spiritual entities such as Totemic Figures, Shamans, Chieftains, Priestesses, Pathfinders, Wizards, Centaurs, Goddesses, Sorcerers & Heroes.  Ancient writings, oral histories, art depictions, myths and legends tell us that the presence and belief in these beings played an integral role in the development and organization of early societies.  The ties to nature were woven in everyday existence and beliefs". 


 Most of the time I use either oil or acrylic but some of my work is an assemblage of painting, my own photography, cut outs, journal pages, newspaper, fabric, and other applications. It is a process that I have embraced since my early days in art school. Other times it is simply about the paint and what I can do with it.”